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About company


Brisford Pty Ltd was established in 1988 by Derek Hichisson, and is located in Keysborough, Victoria, Australia.

Derek commenced his apprenticeship in 1966, with Masson Scott in London. As part of his apprenticeship he was trained in the manufacture of winders and sheeters and and other equipment designed by Mason Scott and predominantly used in the paper industry.

As an integral part of his training he spent considerable time being trained for high quality installation and commissioning of equipment by Masson Scott. Travelling overseas between 1971 - 1983 to Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India, whilst based in Scandinavia (as the centre of the paper industry), he utilised his extensive training to carry out installation and commissioning of new equipment, the upgrading and maintenance of equipment throughout these countries.

During 1983 - 1988 he transferred to Molins Australia and continued with his involvement of servicing all the paper industry throughout Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea and Asia.

Derek commenced Brisford Pty Ltd in 1988, and he continued his heavy involvement within the paper industry throughout South East Asia. Brisford Pty Ltd now has a dedicated team with many years of combined experience and expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Pneumatic & Hydraulic systems design and repairs, and Design Drafting and other varied facets of engineering.

With our extensive and varied background and staff, Brisford Pty Ltd is well suited to give prompt & professional advice to any problems that may arise within the paper and associated industries.